Saturday, June 29, 2002

A couple more knit shops that I checked out today. The first one I went to was Stitches in Time (thanks, Debby). A nice store with lots of different stuff. A lot of crochet going on here as well as knitting. I got a few skeins of different novelty yarns just to play with, but enough for a couple of scarves. They have lots of samples on display which I think is a big help for people. A good store to browse in because the yarn is just kinda all over the place so you need some time to see all there is.

I finally went to Temple City Knit Shop. This shop has been there for a couple of decades I guess. I didn't have much time as they were closing just as we arrived but I did get a quick look around, just enough to find 10 skeins of Cotton Classic in a melon/tangerine color. So I have to get back there, maybe in a week or so. I had met the owner once before when she came to check out Skein.

I hear a lot of comments that there just aren't any knit shops anymore. I've been to five different ones this week, plus Skein. Granted some of these shops are not right next door but they're all pretty easy to get to. It's about a 45 minute drive from my house to Long Beach. I know people who drive longer than that to get to work. So they're out there. Go buy something!

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