Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Well, Carolyn is back! I'm so happy.

Haven't had much time for knitting the past couple of days. Working, partying and cleaning house. But today is all mine. I'm just about to finish the Noro scarf. I'll also spend a couple of hours on the Shapely Tank Top.

I got some of the new Cotton-Ease from Lion Brand yesterday at the local Michael's. I bought three colors, turquoise, magenta and yellow. Not sure what it's going to be yet. I only got one skein of the magenta and three skeins of the turquoise and yellow. I'm thinking of stripes in the turquoise and yellow with magenta around the neck and armholes. Seems a little obvious. Maybe I'll just insert some random squares of magenta into larger blocks of the other two colors. Have to work a gauge first. Maybe I'll be doing some intarsia afterall.

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