Thursday, November 01, 2007

What knitting?

I really thought I would get caught up yesterday. I'm way behind on responding to comments and a few emails. I was definitely going to have time to do that yesterday. And then I was going to knit for hours.

Neither thing happened. The day started getting away from me early. I decided I'd better pay some bills, but then I'd better balance the check book. An hour gone before I knew it even without any problems. Then out for a walk to drop the checks in the mail.

Got home and realized that I had a lot of fresh produce that needed to be dealt with. Green beans to be destrung and parboiled. Home grown carrots that needed to be peeled and cooked. Beets that I didn't know how to cook. Spent some time on the computer researching that. And a lokota squash that still has to be done. Had to look that up as well. And got sidetracked into reading about early American cooking and recipes.

And there's the cat that needed lots of one-on-one time. He's been feeling abused and neglected because I trimmed his claws. He can be very dramatic.

And, did I mention Ravelry? I'm not even in a whole lot of groups.

I did spend about an hour last night working on the Maizy socks. And to bed early.

Today will be better. Except for the knitting part. I'm going to Purl Soho's warehouse with my friend L (of L&H fame). I will be at knitting group tonight. Maybe I'll get something done then.


Scattered Gemini said...

Even though you didn't spend the day as you had planned, you still got a ton of stuff done!

I just did the checkbook yesterday too. Got all the missing entries into Quicken and reconciled the bank statement. All went well. Whew! And i learned that i have money to spend at a "new-to-me" yarn shop this weekend in Williamsburg. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Janice Rosema said...

Okay, I am completely jealous. You all have now gone to Purl Soho TWICE and I still have not gone to Koigu heaven with you two. Of course, it is probably a blessing or I could be forced to buy more yarn!

mehitabel said...

Bill paying is a worse time suck than Ravelry--I spent most of the day at it, and trying to find a specific credit card statement too. Much, much better to have gone to Purl Soho.
And like Janice, I'm jealous that you've gotten to go twice and I've never even been once!