Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping by. It's that time of year again when we get to run around like crazy and try to get everything done. We do it every year and swear we won't do it again. And over doing it with the desserts and other goodies. But it's a great holiday and a wonderful season in spite of everything.

It's cold here today. Well, for Southern California. Almost winter. And it's overcast like it would snow if it could. I'm staying in for most of the day and enjoying the music and watching the cat sleep. I'll go to dinner later at a friend's house and get home late and then get up and go to work tomorrow.

Lots of people have the day after Thanksgiving off. I used to work in retail so I've almost never had that luxury. It wouldn't seem like the holidays if I were home. And Friday is the day that I get to see lots of my knitting buddies. So I have lots of things that I'm thankful for. I hope you do too.


rick said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

lexa said...

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! I heard on the news last night that a lot of people call in sick (in Canada) so they can stay home and watch football. I watch a lot of US stations, and they've been advertising their sales today. I just CANNOT imagine getting up and going shopping at 4am!

mehitabel said...

Hope you had a good day, and that you see lots of friends today at ASIT! I'd love to have a quiet day, but then I'm so used to the hustle and madness of our family's traditions, I'd probably miss it!