Monday, November 05, 2007

My card is full!

My friend Mendy gave me a plastic box (Rubbermaid) to help with my yarn stash storage problem. It's full. Not with old stash though. It's all new.

I went to the Trash to Treasures charity fund raiser at A Stitch in Time. I got some fantastic deals. There are sixteen of these Noro Kureyon (color 88). All but two are the same dye lot. The two oddballs were someone's multi-directional scarf. I think I'll use them for a garter stitch scarf, alternating the two skeins.

And there are five skeins of this Wool in the Woods Maiden (wool, cotton, nylon blend )in a color way called Napa Valley. The color is a bit washed out in the photo, as usual, and it's more greyed back than the photo. There's about a thousand yards altogether. Not sure what it's going to be.

And three hanks of Rio de la Plata Pink Carnation. Something over three hundred yards. A scarf of some kind but not sure which one. The color is more muted than what you see here but it's still pretty intense.

Four skeins of Lang Mille Colori. Probably this is going to be a zigzag scarf. I made a couple of those last year and they were very popular. And I've been wanting to use some of this yarn for a while.

That's not all I got but my camera's card is full. So I need to empty that before I can take any more photos. There's a couple of skeins of Cascade Heather, and a couple of skeins of sock yarn.

All this yarn for just under $100US. The remaining yarn and needlepoint are still at A Stitch in Time. They'll be there for this week. At $3.00US per ball it's hard to resist. I'm going to be there today, because that's where I work, but I may find something else. I can always get another plastic box if I have to.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! You really hit the big time. It is indeed a very good thing I am out of town and was unable to attend. But the really great thing is I will have more plastic tubs for you upon my return. I am always envious of the yarns you choose. I would never pick them then I see your choices and what you are going to do with them and smack my forehead and think, now why couldn't I have been that creative. Have a great week. Mendy

Monika said...

Wow, what a great deal! Noro Kureyon is always worth the money. Not so sure about the Lang Mille Colore. I used two different colorways for my 3rd and 4rth Newfoundland mittens for my parents. The thing with this yarn is, that you buy it, because you see the colores on the outside, and you like it, but - with both colorways, more than halfway through the ball, they introduce a totally different color which was not there before and sticks out. I think that's weird, and with the mittens for my father, which where lovely blues/greys/light lilacish, there was suddenly some yellow! With my mom's pink/orangy there was suddenly dark blue. In any case, I wish you lots of fun with your new yarn and projects. With deals like that, it's a pleasure to knit.

sue said...

What a great lot of yarn you got. Those boxes are great for storing yarn where I keep all mine, although I really should start emptying them instead of filling them up. All those yarns look really nice, and perhaps you could make some xmas presents too.

mehitabel said...

You really didn't have to mention that the stuff will be there all week--I was patting myself on the back for resisting going over there Sunday! You really scored, though, and I'm going to just tell myself there's nothing good left so I won't be tempted. After all, I need to be DEstashing!

lexa said...

That's quite the haul! Looks like you got some excellent deals.

unraveledgal said...

Love the Noro....such a deal. Can't wait to see what you make it into!

Bess said...

You did it again - made me gasp. What a stash enhancement. I particularly love those Noro colors and the Lang Mille Colore. Wow!

Happy knitting with all that color!

Fay Lynn said...

that is a great color way with the noro. Have you filled the new stroage box?

Anonymous said...

To repeat other comments, wow!