Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gotta post! Gotta post!

Being busy is no excuse. I have a couple of things to show you but not everything is ready.

I finished the Stacked Wedges scarf. I think that was on Friday night. Overall I'm pleased with it. I still have to wash it and pray that the wool softens at least a little.

This is the Parallelograms scarf, also from Knitting New Scarves. I'm using two different colors of Tahki Chelsea Silk. I don't think this yarn is available anymore. The scarf is pretty easy to work but there are a lot of ends to be woven. I'm weaving as I go but there'll still be some tidying to do at the end. How long it will be will depend on yarn supply and time availability.

I've also started a multi-directional scarf using the free pattern I got when I joined the multi-directional yahoo group. Not far along enough to show yet. Maybe tomorrow, along with the new tweed yarn I got at the yarn sale last Saturday.


Monika said...

You are so assiduous! You crank out the scarf like warm buns. I'm jelous, just a little bit, because I'm stuck knitting a shawl my mom wanted me to knit for my sister. I'm not dealing well with commissioned work. :o)

sue said...

Your scarves look great, and I especially love the pink one. I am knitting just a garter stitch one for my sister using 3 colors so hopefully I will be able to finish it as quickly as you finish yours.