Thursday, November 15, 2007


Evidence that I do sometimes knit with other than grey. This is another scarf for my holiday gifting. I used some yarn I had in stash, Tahki Chat. 100% cotton. There is some charcoal grey mixed in. I don't think the yarn is available anymore.

The pattern is a variation on the "drop stitch" that has been so popular for a couple of years. On this one there are no yarn overs. After you insert your right hand needle into the next stitch, wrap the working yarn around the tips of both needles then around just the right hand needle and pull the stitch through. This elongates the knit stitch and twists it simultaneously. And you don't have to drop anything on the next row. This is one of my favorite stitches for new knitters who want to add a little something to their repertoire but don't feel comfortable yet with working a stitch pattern.

It's back to working on the Stacked Wedges today, if my hands and elbows will allow. If not, I'll find something else to work that isn't so stiff or so tight.

I almost forgot. Monika awarded me the "You Make Me Smile" badge. And she even helped me figure out how to get it to post on my blog. (It might be simple for you but for me almost anything techie is an obscure language.) And I get to nominate some others for the award. These people make me smile on an almost daily basis, sometimes even on the weekend.


And there are lots of others but I'm supposed to stop at five.


Anonymous said...

oh, giggle....
now you'll have to explain it to ME,
how to make it appear on my blog.
I am SO honored.

Bess said...



thank you sugar. You make me smile every day too! :D

all day too.


mehitabel said...

Thank you, thank you! Sorry I'm a little late commenting, but then I have a wonderful excuse! Now to see who I'd like to nominate... after you, of course!