Monday, November 12, 2007


Tweed! I love it! It's always been one of my favorites but right now I'm practically obsessed by it. This is just a partial view of my tweed yarn. And I'm looking for more.

I'm currently working on another scarf from Knitting New Scarves. I haven't taken a picture yet but I will tomorrow when there's a little more done. It's tweed. I've lost or misplaced the labels but I think it's Cascade 220 tweed. And it's gray. Another of my favorites.

There's a knit-a-long that's started up for the book. I'm debating whether I want to join. I probably will. I'm just not sure what purpose knit-a-longs really serve. Except for the pressure. And that's not something I really need.

Today is a holiday for lots of folks. Veteran's Day. I'm a veteran. I should be out there marching in a parade. Instead, I'll be at A Stitch in Time. All day. Just in case you're nearby and want to come in and visit.


lexa said...

Our store is closed today since yesterday was Remembrance Day in Canada. (Same thing as Veteran's Day.) Banks, post office, government, business offices, etc., are all closed today since the holiday fell on Sunday, and we're closed since we aren't open Sundays. Grocery stores, drug stores, and most anything else that closed yesterday for the holiday are open today. Things here are so inconsistent.

I love your tweeds! Tweedy yarn is my favorite. I have a cardigan picked out I'd like to make for myself after the holidays, and I want to knit it with Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds. I'd like to knit another sweater for the store, too, out of something tweedy.

mehitabel said...

Mmmm, tweed! I think it's a tossup whether I have more tweedy yarns, or more creamy Aran yarn. Now if I just lived in a climate that was more sweater-friendly... The scarf book looks neat. I think I'll need to check it out!

Jason said...

You made me chuckle. That's exactly how I feel about knit-alongs. But one of these days I will commit to one I am sure. :-)

sue said...

I love tweed yarns too. Yours look great. I really do enjoy knitalongs, depending on what it is. I joined the CPH knitalong which was great because reading about all the other ones motivated me to knit on mine when I couldnt be bothered. What scarf are you going to make out of the book now.

Scattered Gemini said...

hmmm. i don't even own any tweeds. I must fix that.

Bess said...

another tweed-head - and that is a very artistic photograph of yours. As for knit-a-longs - the only one I ever joined was for my KipFee - and I joined it for the pressure because I was afraid I wouldn't complete it otherwise. as much fun as it is to have a group to consult with, I think I'd have to have the same reason to join another KAL.

Thank you for serving, my friend.

unraveledgal said...

You are really tempting me to buy that new scarf book. And now a knit-along, something else I haven't done.

There isn't enough time in the day, is there?

Will need to consult you on Fri. about my own personal tweed purchase - will require an appropriate pattern for G's sweater,