Thursday, April 19, 2007

Never say never

unless you really mean it. As in "I'm never buying any more yarn."

I ended up at Black Sheep Knittery yesterday after I went to see my dermatologist at Kaiser in Hollywood. I had planned to only buy some of those Addi Bamboo Circulars. I've only recently discovered them and I think I like them way more than any of my other circulars.

There's a 50% off sale going on at Black Sheep for the rest of this month. L (of L&H fame) said she thought they had some of those needles in small to medium sizes so I had better go get some. I only found two that I would use on a fairly regular basis. So, since I couldn't spend as much as I had mentally allocated, I spent some on this wonderfully soft cashmere/extra fine merino blend from Lana Grossa. "Pashmina" is the name. There was more of this orange plus some other colors. I got four skeins, enough for a reasonably sized scarf. Pattern search has begun.

I'm not going back. At least not right away. There's a "Tax Relief Sale" starting at Unraveled today. I have to go over there to meet friends later today, and to see if I can resist a sale this time. Everything is on sale. I think it's 25% off but I could be confused.


Mauren Mureaux said...


"Never buying yarn again!"

Uh huh. I've heard that one before. Who are you trying to convince of that one? You or us? ;D

Can't wait to see what pattern you choose!

Ellen Bloom said...

Ha! I've been back twice to Black Sheep and I might just go back this Saturday! Thankfully, I'll be out of town the following and last weekend of the sale! It is a marvelous sale, I must say!!!