Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hats, hats and more hats

We're getting closer and closer to the cut off date for shipping our Dulaan hats and sweaters etc. to Flagstaff. This is just a few of the hats I've collected over the past week. I have another one on the needles right now that I hope to finish this evening at our Dulaan knit night.

We were hoping to exceed our last year's total of 350 plus items. I'm beginning to doubt that we'll be able to even match that number. Not to be a pessimist but we just haven't had the enthusiasm that we had last year. That doesn't mean that we haven't had some enthusiastic knitters but we haven't had the number we had last year. And there have been some other factors that have kept folks away or otherwise distracted. We've got about three months to get our numbers up. Of course there's no obligation but I'd sure like to see a lot more items before the deadline.

The top-down raglan pattern is slowly taking shape. I mean really slowly. I didn't have much time to work on the prototype yesterday and today I'm working on the Spanish Dancer shawl. I will be putting together some numbers later this week for various sizes so at least people can get started if they want to. I'm using Sweater Wizard for the basic information like yardage and stitches to be cast on. I haven't quite decided some of the final details but I'm thinking about them.

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