Friday, April 20, 2007

Another day, another hat

A hat a day keeps the doctor away. Or, "all work and no hats makes Jack a dull boy" or whatever. Using up more scrap odds and ends, these yarn are from a very old Rowan kit. Do they even still make kits? The yarns are so stiff and firm that I'm sure they must have been meant for carpet. I'm putting this in to soak for a bit to see if that will help. I think the next hat will be a plain roll brim with something that will not cause the back of my wrists to ache quite so much.

That could be the rain though. Yes! It's raining today. Not a downpour yet but maybe that'll come later. I've already taken three ibuprophen tablets so I can keep knitting without too much pain. Since I'm teaching today I probably won't do much actual knitting anyway until this evening.

Went to Unraveled yesterday. They had apparently had a good first day of the sale. I didn't help though. Came close to getting some more Koigu but put it back. I'll wait until they have some new sock yarn.


Monika said...

I'm not sure I could have restisted Koigu if it's on sale!

Love This Space said...

That stiff wool probably made an almost-water resistant hat! :-)