Monday, April 16, 2007

Gimme another four to six hours

and I'll be done with the bind off of the SD shawl. Conservatively, I spent six hours yesterday just binding off and I'm maybe 400 stitches past the center point. 3596 stitches. My left thumb is really throbbing. And then there are a few ends to be woven in. I know we'll all be happy when it's done.

Weird weather this weekend. Rain! Not like the East coast, of course. But still, rain this time of year is really unusual. And it was loud enough to wake me and the cat up at 4:30AM. And there was some thunder too. It's still gloomy today but no more rain is predicted. But then there wasn't any predicted for yesterday either.

I spent a really pleasant afternoon at Unraveled yesterday. L&H were there as well as a couple of other knitting friends plus the shop owner. There wasn't much traffic in the store so we all sat around and chatted and knit. A really fun time! Then we went to dinner at the Mediterranean Grill. I'd never been there. I liked it and I'll be going back soon.

Now that the Spanish Dancer shawl is almost done I'm beginning to think about my next project. I'm still trying to make some headway on the top down raglan that I'm doing as a shop sample. If you're waiting for the pattern, don't despair. Soon! Then there's still plenty of other things already started that I want to get back to. But I'm being led astray by Monika and her new shawl pattern.


lexa said...

That's a ton of stitches! No wonder your thumbs hurt!

We are getting the rain here now and super winds that started in Boston late last night. There's heavy rainfall and wind warnings plus storm surge warnings. It's supposed to gust up to 110km/hour (70 miles/hour maybe?) today and tonight, so I must make sure to have some candles burning tonight, just in case we lose power.

Thanks for the link to Monika's shawl. I was just surfing eBay for the Kathmandu DK she used for one of the swatches. I've never knit a shawl before but would really like to make one. She recommends this for beginners, so it sounds good to me! You may see one of these in my future. (Plus she's got some other nice free patterns as well!)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Larry -

No rain in Laguna Beach - but I'm glad it watered my garden at home.

Be careful of that thumb - you don't want to incapacitate yourself, you know.... maybe a short break is called for although I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product..

The Med. Grill is down at the foot of our street - the kids and I walk down for dinner sometimes - go on Friday night, if you can - the belly dancer starts at about 8 - then you get to sit around and say, "How does she do that???"


Scattered Gemini said...

Once the Spanish Shawl is done, could we have a Spanish dance to go along with it? ;)

mary said...

Hope to see you Thursday at Unraveled's sale and hope your thumb is not throbbing at that time.

TheBunny said...

I got to meet your friend at Sock Camp! We were in the same group actually (go Rhode Island Reds!). She was neat and I was sorry that there were SO many activities and so much going on that it was hard to sit down and really visit with her. I miss Pasadena!

sue said...

Gee I got a sore finger from knitting socks, but I am sure if I had to knit that many stitches for that long my thumb would be sore too. I cant wait to see the finished product, as you seem to be flying through it so fast. I wish we could get some rain here, instead of the drought that we are in right now.