Friday, December 08, 2006

Me: Ugh! I don't feel like walking today.

Other me: You have to go walking. It's important for you to do it every day.

Me: I'll take a longer walk tomorrow. I have the day off.

Other me: You can't. You're going to Roger's Gardens

and you have to be in Fullerton by 8:30. Come on! Get going!

Me: But I'm tired and I want to sit and knit for a while. Besides, my gluscose readings are really good now so I think I can afford to skip a day once in a while.

Other me: Your glucose readings are good because you walk every day.

Me: I hate it when you talk sensibly.

I have this conversation, or a very similar one, every morning. All the while though I'm getting dressed and ready to go out. Some days are harder than others. And today, for some unknown reason, my legs were really feeling fatigued. Sort of an overall ache and maybe a cramp in my right calf. It got better about half way through the walk. Maybe just because I knew I was on my way home.

No time to knit this morning though. I have to do a couple of things on my way to Stitch in Time so I have to leave earlier than usual. I'll get to knit while I'm at work. Still making progress on the Christmas gifts. And mentally sorting my stash for the white elephant yarn exchange.

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