Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas! That about sums it up. Everything is done. All that's left is to load everything in my car and head out to Lisa's house. I need to be there around nine this morning. I'm looking forward to it.

I spent Christmas Eve in the kitchen. It was wonderful. I rarely have occasion to bake anymore but I do enjoy it. All the presents had been wrapped. All the knitting was done. I had the whole day to do nothing but bake. I made three different kinds of quick breads. All my favorites. Zucchini raisin nut, applesauce and carrot. I have to make the carrot bread because it doesn't call for nuts of any kind. My friend Robert doesn't like nuts in things so he'll get a loaf of that. The other two are loaded. Big chunky walnuts pieces. Mmmm!

I was going to try a new recipe, peanut butter bread. Knitting patterns aren't the only things that have errors in them. The list of ingredients doesn't include butter but the directions tell you to add it. No idea about how much. So I didn't make that one. I'll find something else to do with the peanut butter I bought. Or I'll just have it on toast.

I don't work this week until Friday. That gives me some time to clean house and get things put away. I don't think my little tree will last until New Year's. Lots of dried needles all over the place. So that will probably go tomorrow or Wednesday. Tomorrow is Dulaan knitting day. Wednesday Patrick goes to the vet for his annual booster shots. (I haven't told him yet. He does not like riding in the car.) Thursday is open except for the evening knitting group. So I have stuff to do but there's still lots of time for knitting. What to do first?

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