Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Things are getting back to normal. Today was Dulaan knitting day. I spent four hours making a simple, rolled brim hat. I'm almost done with it. The hat is way too big. It's even loose on me. I'll be starting over. Like I said, things are getting back to normal.

I forgot my camera yesterday. I left it at Lisa's. The pictures of my holiday knitting are in that camera. So there'll be an indefinite delay. Maybe I'll see her this weekend and she will bring the camera, along with the two or three other things that I forgot. This whole forgetting thing is getting to be normal.

There's talk of rain for tonight and tomorrow. Not such a good thing for right now since the grandstands are still being set up for the Rose Parade. But if it does rain it's supposed to be over by tomorrow and we're scheduled for sunny weather through the weekend, including New Year's Day. Last year it poured all morning long and the parade was pretty messy. I may walk over and watch it this year. I can no longer see it from my balcony since the neighbor's palm tree has grown and now blocks my view. Or I may just stay inside where it's warm.