Sunday, November 03, 2002

Today was the day for our annual trek to the Southern California Handweavers' Guild Weaving and Spinning Festival. Joanne and I have gone to this event for the last five years or so. Unfortunately, each year it gets smaller and smaller. But it's usually worth going to see. There weren't as many vendors as in the past, but I managed to find some stuff I didn't even know I needed. After looking at the small display of member-created items I stopped at Robin and Russ to see if they had brought any Galway with them this time, but they hadn't. So I got three spools of a gold/red combination metallic yarn to use as a carry along yarn for some undetermined project.

Next, I went to Newton's Yarn Country. (Their web page doesn't seem to be working right now but while looking for it I found this list of lots of yarn related vendors.) I got a couple of bags of Baruffa Monkey. It's a really shaggy yarn that I think will make a fun cardigan or Chanel type jacket. They didn't have as much stuff this time as in the past, either. And some of what they had was priced higher that Skein has it at retail. So even though they were offering a 30% discount most of what they had wasn't such a good deal. After I hooked up with Joanne a little later I went back to Newton's with her and found a good deal on seven skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride and five skeins of Nature Spun, both in orange. These were less than half price.

I stopped at the Wildfiber booth and talked to Mel for a short time. She told me they have expanded their knitting yarn section since I was there in August and that it's about taken over the store. Have to get back over there soon.

I didn't find anything else that I really wanted. They had lots of books on knitting, weaving and spinning but they were all at full retail so I decided that Amazon would be better. Plus I already have most of what was on offer, well, the knitting books anyway.

After I dropped Joanne off I made it to Skein just in time for opening. We were busy all afternoon. I think everyone in So. Calif. is going to get a scarf for Christmas. Some very colorful and exciting, some very safe and predictable. And babies just keep coming, so there are plenty of afghans being knit. Saturday was as busy. I love helping people spend their money. I get to create all kind of color and texture combinations and not have to do the work. Although I sometimes come up with something that I think I really have to do myself. I'm mulling over a hat or scarf combining some Berroco Hip Hop in a purple/green combo with some Furz, also from Berroco, in a washed out purple. I wanted to add some Trendsetter Aura in lime green, but we sold out.

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