Saturday, November 16, 2002

Hmmm! this is not a good sign. Blogger is taking it's own sweet time to do anything. Wonder if this is going to make it or die of old age like so many other posts in the past. Oh well, I'm here now so might as well keep going.

Ann Mary was not at Skein today. She finally gave up and acknowledged that she had a bad cold, ever her doctor told her she had a bad cold. So she stayed home and her husband, KC, came in to run the register and handle all the paper work stuff that I don't know anything about. It wasn't incredibly busy, but I stayed on my feet most of the afternoon. I think we had a pretty good day. Pizza for lunch always helps!

I'm always a little shocked when someone asks for a discount. Toward the end of the day we had a new customer who thought she deserved a discount, just for being a new customer. KC just ignored her request and told her the price again. It's not like we're running a swap meet.

Falling behind with my holiday projects. Worked a little on my watch cap tonight. That's about it.

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