Saturday, November 02, 2002

Saturday. The day I work 8 hours at Skein. This one is going to be rough because I haven't had enough sleep. Stayed up until about 2:15 finishing the cap pattern I tested for a lister in London. It wasn't difficult but there were a couple of things I thought should be revised. So after I finished knitting it I wrote a long email explaining the problems I encountered. Haven't heard back.

I used some old Rowan Magpie that I had in my stash. I found that moths have invaded this yarn. So now I'm concerned that I'll find similar problems with my other wool yarns. I don't have time right now to go through my stash and check this out but I'll try to get started sometime next week.

The new yarn shop, Elegance, could turn out to be very nice. She's carrying only the very top lines. Trendsetter, Anny Blatt, Lang and a few more that I didn't have much time to look at. She's still not really ready for business. Some of her shelving has not arrived so lots of stuff is still in plastic bags or cardboard boxes. The shop is in one of the most expensive areas of Pasadena. She's gonna need to push a lot of yarn just to pay the rent. And she has some strange hours. Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 11-7. Other hours are available by appointment. She also asked me to consider giving some classes. This could be interesting. Not sure if Ann Mary will have a problem with me working in another yarn shop so close to her location. But I'm going back on Tuesday to talk some more.