Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Remember that scarf, the tube one made from fuzzy yarn? Well, it showed up again today. A young woman came into Skein with one and wanted to know if we could teach her how to make them. Turns out she doesn't know anything about knitting and only a little crochet. I think the price of the yarns actually scared her off. But I did get to look a little closer at how it's made. This one had some machine stitching around the ends that made the edges ruffle.

I went to Skein to pick up some yarn for the scarf I'm making for my sister, and some needles etc. It got so busy while I was there that I stayed for the rest of the day. Ann Mary was completely occupied with the register and I just kept schlepping the yarn. What fun! I didn't get much knitting done except for trying out the yarn I bought just to see if it would work. And did a new swatch for a hat that I'm making with the merino/possum. Joanne was there too. She was kept busy with students.

We've been picked up by a yoga group from Eagle Rock. I don't know much about them but I guess the instructor thinks that knitting and yoga are natural partners. So she's been referring members of the class to Skein. Three of them plus the instructor herself were in the shop at various times this afternoon. They were all great to work with. Very adventurous in their yarn and color choices.

I discovered today that Thanksgiving is not next week but is the week after. Who knew? So I'm not going to Arizona next week, but the following.

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