Saturday, October 19, 2002

What a day! Not much happening at Skein all morning then after lunch it was pandemonium. Skein is a small shop and when you get ten people all talking at the same time it's pretty noisy, but when those same ten people are all trying to talk over each other, well, you can imagine. And then, why do all the knitters who can't fix their own mistakes come in at the same time? And why do they wait until they've totally messed it up to get help? But everyone went away happy and ready to screw up again. That's why we'll be there again tomorrow. So after work Ann Mary and her husband KC took me to dinner at one of their favorite Chinese places and we stuffed ourselves.

Couldn't find the Christmas stocking book at any of my local sources so I ordered it and the new Folk Vests book by Cheryl Oberle, from Amazon. I hope it doesn't take as long to get here as they said it would.

I really liked the Red Lipstick hat show. I'm glad I didn't have to pick a winner, even though I have a personal favorite. I wonder how many hats were submitted. I hope the show is a big enough success that it's repeated next year. I like making hats but I'm usually too lazy to make anything as complicated as the ones in the show. But now I'm inspired. Oh God! not again. Speaking of which, I started a kid's hat for the shop. Made in Velvet Touch and with a brim in front. Really cute and the yarn is a breeze to work with.

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