Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I don't know if it's my computer or just something with the 'net, but this morning everything has been extra slow loading. So while I've been waiting I've been working on my secret project, correcting a mistake I made last week. I used my project to demonstrate some technique and somehow didn't undo the demonstration completely before I continued knitting. So three rows later, at about 350 stitches each, I discovered the mistake. So I ripped out the rows and quickly picked up all the stitches, but some of them were twisted so I had to fix all that. Now I'm back to knitting but am not sure where exactly the increases go. But it looks like I've reached the point where I don't need any more increases so I don't think I'll worry about it.

A pleasant evening at Joanne's last night. Anita was able to join us so that made the conversation more enjoyable. Sometimes Joanne just cracks me up. She seems to have a need to always be right, no matter what. I think it irritates her that I don't teach or knit continental. She always tells me that continental is better. And of course I should teach a different way of doing the long tail cast on. I guess I'm just not as confrontational as she is. I like to leave people a little room. And give them some options for doing things a different way.

I still don't have my new Vogue Knitting and I'm getting really irritated, even though I've already seen it at the shop and don't particularly like anything in it. But where is it? What's the point of a subscription if you have to wait until everyone else has already seen the magazine? Just being silly here.

I got started again on the Christmas gift shawl. Thought I had lost my place but I figured out where I was and got a few rows done last night. If I don't work more on this I'm going to be minus one present. I don't want to have to wrap it up still on the needles. And I still want to start some socks and a Christmas stocking.

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