Thursday, October 10, 2002

Time to get organized. I need to spend today straightening out all my current projects and put away the ones I'm not going to finish anytime soon. My holiday knitting is way behind and I decided yesterday to start a new, secret, one. Talking to my friend Carole last night I itemized at least seven things I'm working on that are near my knitting chair. I didn't even get to the projects that are stacked in the corner of the living room. And the ones in the den need to be dusted off. There must be some kind of medication for startitis.

Yesterday, this lady comes into Skein and is gushing over all the yarns, etc. "I just love yarn shops but I always end up buying something." What does she think we're there for? It's not a museum, you know. And she did buy something, a lot of it.

How many years in a row can you give someone a scarf for Christmas? Even if you've never seen them wear the ones you gave them in the past? Scarves are not a big item for most of the men that I know so they don't usually get one. But the women? Oh well. I like making them so they can just keep on not wearing them I guess. Ann Mary and I spend a lot of time putting together yarn combinations. Some of them we make into shop samples, some we just enjoy imagining. Ann Mary likes going to Nordstrom's to see their latest selection and then trying to duplicate, or imitate, what she's seen.

I got three Berroco pattern books and a book of sweaters from the top down. So I'm going to see which ones I think I can get done before 12/25. Somewhere along the way I need to clean house and pay bills. Maybe that can wait another day.

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