Thursday, October 17, 2002

Other than my daily round of knitting blogs there hasn't been much in the way of knitting to report here. It's amazing how well I can live vicariously. While I have met a few bloggers in the flesh I feel as though I know all the bloggers I read every day. And when someone hasn't posted in several days I begin to get concerned. So on the outside chance that you've been wondering why I haven't posted recently, this is just to let you know that all is well. Just been distracted by things like housework and not feeling very inspired.

I finished one half of the handbag I'm making for the shop. It's really kinda cute. And I've spent a lot of time on my secret project but still have hours and hours before that one will be done. I'm looking for a copy of Christmas Stockings. Anita brought her copy to our Tuesday night get together at Joanne's and I really, really need to have this book. Border's didn't have it last night so I'm going to a couple of other stores today. If they don't have it I will order it from Amazon, but I don't really want to wait for it. I looked for some patterns on line for stockings but nothing was as appealing as the stockings in this book. Ann Mary said she would order it for me, but again, I don't want to wait.