Sunday, October 27, 2002

What a beautiful day! The sun is out for the first time in a week and it's autumn out there. Love this cool weather!

It's kinda hard to write about my knitting right now as most everything is for holiday gifts and certain people read this blog. But a little bit about some yarn I bought. I got a couple of skeins of Merino and Fur, from Naturally. It's 30% possum and 70% merino. Worsted weight. I'm trying it out right now. It's pretty easy to work with except I'm making a hat and am having problems getting the stitches to look even. That's probably because I'm using an old circular needle and the yarn isn't moving off the tips very easily. I forgot to get a new one yesterday. I don't know what this yarn retails for elsewhere but Skein has it at $11 per 50g and 131 yards/120m. A friend of mine is the rep for the company that distributes this yarn so I hope it does well.

I also got a couple of skeins of Paradise from Plymouth. It's another one of those yarns that folks are using for scarves, kinda like Charm from Trendsetter. Haven't tried it yet but the colors are nice. Each skein has 164 yards, about double the yardage in a skein of Charm and less than the price of two skeins of Charm. Not exactly sure what these are going to become. Another friend is the rep for Plymouth Yarns so I try to help her out where I can. Go buy some!

Also got some Zap from Berroco to use as a trim. This stuff is way pricey! But it will look good on a vintage hat or sweater. Also got three Berroco pattern books. Like I need some more patterns, but I really like their designs and they have a wide range of sizes from XS to XXL. Saves a lot of refiguring time.

Had another land office day at Skein yesterday. Taught another couple of new knitters and helped some of my other students with their projects. And a great time playing with colors and textures with a customer who is really into glittery scarves. This is more fun than the proverbial barrel of monkeys!

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