Thursday, October 31, 2002

Probably I should have posted this earlier but Happy Halloween to one and all. This is not one of my big day holidays. I usually hide out so I don't have to deal with the trick or treaters. Tonight I don't have to worry. It's my bowling league night so I won't be home. I expect some folks will come in costume to bowling. There's always a few uninhibited people around, especially in Studio City. But I do have some treats that I got as a party favor at dinner on Sunday night. Snickers are the best!

Looks like I won't need new glasses for another year. That's a good thing right now. I just need to make sure I don't focus too long in one spot, like in knitting or surfing.

There's a new yarn shop here in Pasadena, Elegance in Yarns, or something like that. It's not actually new but is a return from the past. The lady, Ashley, was in business before at another location, and disappeared one day. Lock, stock and barrel, gone with no note telling where she could be reached or anything. Never did find out what happened but heard lots of juicy speculation. I meant to stop by the shop today after I left my eye doctor but it was too early so she wasn't open yet. Looked in the window though. She's still moving in. Boxes everywhere. I'll try to get back by there tomorrow.

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