Monday, September 03, 2007

Well of course I started a new project

Seems like whenever one person starts something another one of us just has to join in. Sort of a mini-KAL. One of the Unraveled ladies was making the Chevron Scarf (which I think is from Weekend Knits) and then another one got started and now I'm starting. Only another 70 inches to go. I'm using a couple of colors from Colinette's Jitterbug Velvet, almost solid colors. The actual colors don't look quite so USC but after five or six tries to get the colors accurately I gave up and went for the best of the lot.

It continues to be hot here. My sister invited me to come to Arizona for a while. Does she think I'm crazy? 106 is one thing but 117 is quite another. I did go over to Santa Monica yesterday where it was cool enough to sit outside on the patio and enjoy the slight breeze. I'm staying inside today, just me, the cat and the a/c.


Love This Space said...

Well, as a Trojan myself, I love how the scarf looks in the picture. ;-) Inspires me to make one for myself this winter.

Especially since the jokesters I work with thought it would be HILARIOUS to cover my cube with Bruin propaganda when I took a day off.

I need to bring the 'SC spirit back!

Lisa said...

The pattern is in Last Minute Knitted Gifts, in case one of your readers is looking for the pattern.

Hmm, the colors are ok, but I think I'll do a Fibonacci scarf with the score, err, colors 13-9.

Anonymous said...

Pray tell, are those METAL needles I spy you are using on your lovely scarf????

Monika said...

It IS a gorgeous scarf! I wanted to knit it as soon as I saw it in the book, but haven't so far. Thank god it's not as hot here, but hot enough for me! ;o) Wise choice staying in.