Friday, September 07, 2007

My cat is a Democrat

in many ways. Especially when it comes to entitlements. He believes he is entitled to be brushed on demand, to be fed at any hours, including 4AM, to sleep on any surface that is handy. None of this is because he has done anything to merit it but simply by virtue of being a cat. Just being a cat is all that's required.

On the other hand he's sometimes Republican. His attitude is that so long as he gets what he wants it doesn't matter what someone else wants. If someone else gets what he wants and the cat is still satisfied then it's okay. That's how trickle-down works. But the really Republican thing is an absolute resistance to change. Do not bring anyone in this house that I don't know. Don't move any of the furniture. And don't change brands of litter. Just don't!

I have made two trips to the supermarket this morning. One at five. Since when did supermarkets start closing overnight? What happened to 24/7? The second trip at six when the store was actually going to be open. All this because the cat doesn't like or understand change.

I had read on several blogs that I turst that Trader Joe's Pine pellet kitty litter was the ideal kitty litter. So I got some and following all the directions cleaned the litter box and put in the one inch layer of pine pellets. The cat did not approve. No matter how badly he needed to access the litter box, and no matter that I picked him up and put him on the disagreeable surface, nothing I could suggest would convince that cat that this was a good idea and good for the ecology to boot. No way. I'll just suffer if you don't change this litter to something more akin to what I'm used to. Hence the two trips to the supermarket before the sun was even up.

However, the cat is relieved, so to speak. And I've learned a very valuable lesson. Or the cat, who is secretly a monarchist, will have my head.


Temper said...

loved this entry, with three cats and inumerable foster kittens the politics of cathood are very familar to me. It usualy boils down to what the cat wants the cat gets.

Anonymous said...

I could have told you he's a monarchist ... he made that perfectly clear long ago.


Mariella said...

For "finicky" cats, sometimes I have mixed a little new litter into the old. Then I kept increasing and adding more of the new one, until it was 100% new.
Sometimes this works because it is not such a dramatic change.

katherine said...

I laughed out loud when I got to the end of this -- although I know it was a PITA to have to accomodate the cat, it made for a great blog entry!

TheBunny said...

I was going to suggest what mariella suggested. A layer under the litter and then mixing slowly.

But I do know how it is to live with the all-ruling cat. It is getting to be that way a little bit with my dog. He is 14 and his world is narrowing so much that he just can't handle it when his bed isn't just so or I am a little late with his treat, etc.

We live to serve.

Monika said...

Made me smile! Our pets have us wrapped around their little paws! ;o)

Scattered Gemini said...

Amazing how opinionated the little furdren can be, isn't it?

Ours has developed a taste for my bottled water and now will only drink water that she thinks has been poured from my bottle and into a secondary bowl in our bedroom. She will no longer drink the water out of her bowl in the kitchen. Little does she know, it's the same damn water.

sue said...

Patrick has always been a cat who likes things his way. We have 4 cats and the only one that acts like she should have her own way is Meg, the 9 yr old, and sometimes we let her have her way, but most times no. The youngest kitten, Bella is now trying out Meg's tricks and has mastered quite a few. Time to put an end to that I think. Perhaps Patrick needs to be shown who is the boss in your apartment, and it is certainly not him. Good luck!

mehitabel said...

Mine hate the pine pellets, and the pine shavings, and the crystals too. Give them on-sale-cheap clay and they are happy campers. My daughter tried the pine for hers, too, and they responded by making their displeasure known, quite emphatically! Cats can be such traditionalists... and so resistant to change!