Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Knitting yarn to go

I think I mentioned it before. We're having a yarn swap this week at our Thursday night knitting group. I spent several hours last night going through some boxes. So far this is what I've decided I can live without. And that doesn't count the stuff I just put in the trash.

Some of these yarns are pretty nice. But when I consider how much yarn I will still have after I pass these along, and how much time it takes to knit something, I realize that there isn't enough time to use it all.

I did enjoy rediscovering some of the stuff in my stash. Some of which I don't remember buying and some of which goes back to my earliest knitting days. A lot of what I have is no longer available. I discarded some Orlon yarns, some crafting yarns, even some candle wicking yarn. Anyone remember candle wicking? I did find two cones of lace weight wool that I had been looking for when I was getting ready to knit the Swan Lake (MS3) a couple of months ago.

I don't know how many more boxes I'll get through before Thursday. I'll do a few more tonight and maybe consolidate some of the now only partially full boxes. I haven't ever started on the yarn that's stored in my living room. Most of that is pretty current so I may have a harder time recycling that.

I hope all this stuff finds a new home. Now that I've said my goodbyes I don't want to have to bring any of it back. My plan is to keep going through the boxes and taking stuff to future knitting nights. After all, I need the room for all the new stuff.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Larry. All I can say is -- wow.


Renee said...

Oh boy! I didn't realize we would be doing a redistributing night. I guess I'll be wading thru stash this afternoon, seeing what I can bring!

Monika said...

Renee said it well, redistributing! I had to laugh when I read your post today!

Anonymous said...

...any Noro lurking in there??


Anonymous said...

I remember candlewicking. In 1983 I did a number of throw pillows on unbleached muslin with candlewicking designs of my own choosing on them as hostess gifts when I traveled to Australia and New Zealand. One B&B hostess still has her pillow in "pride of place" in her home and made a point of showing me when I revisited her in 2001. Trouble is I can't remember how to make those candlewicking knots now.


Sue said...

What a lot of yarn to get rid of. I too should do a big clearout of my stash. I used to do candlewicking and really enjoyed it too. I am sure I have a cushion kit somewhere which I have never started.

Mauren Mureaux said...

Holy crap! That's a huge lot of yarn to be taking to your swap night. It's about as much as my whole stash. LOL!

mehitabel said...

Alternate plan for anything that doesn't find a new home on Thursday: bring it on over to my house, for the big crafty-stuff yard sale on Saturday! Who knows, you might even get a couple of $$$ to take home! (All leftovers are going to be donated to charity, too. And there's an Orlon-lover coming. Just sayin'!)