Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A new book

This book came in the mail yesterday. I ordered it, along with four or five other books, from, my favorite book source. I had seen a number of references to it on the blogs. It had been well received so I was looking forward to getting my copy.

I have to say I'm not wild about it. That doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile. Most of the patterns are suitable for advanced beginner to intermediate knitters. And the styles are very wearable, pretty much as I think the designer intended. There's nothing over the top. Just very traditional styles with some updating via the use of color and yarn.

I do like the throw/afghan and can actually see myself making it but maybe not in the yarn shown since I have plenty of other yarns on hand that could be substituted. The scarves, hats and socks are nice but not earthshaking. The British Checks Sweater is also something I would consider making.

I like the photography. It makes me think of snapshots, which I think was the intention. The models look like everyday people and the sets are real and unpretentious, a nice change.

The technical section at the front of the book is well done but probably only useful to beginners. The book itself is printed on very heavy paper that has a nice matte finish so there's no glare.

Overall I'd say I'm glad that I got the book. It's straight forward and usable. Even if I may not ever get around to making anything from it.

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Monika said...

I have several books I think the same about it. Wonderful to look at, but not sure I'll ever knit anything from them. This one though I haven't seen so far.