Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mornings around here

Rosy-fingered Dawn has been arriving a little later each day. Most days it's still dark when I leave the house to take my walk. And it's getting to be cool enough that a light jacket will be needed before too long.

It seems so much quieter in the morning now. There's less traffic or maybe the faint light just softens it so that I'm less conscious of the noise. It's very pleasant. I see most of the same people every day. I might miss one or two if my schedule is off a bit. There's the uber-chunky guy with his two uber-chunky dogs. The three of them totally block the sidewalk as they stroll side by side. The tall lanky guy with his hair pulled back in a ponytail. Always carrying what looks like a roll of miscellaneous paper. He walks very fast. Actually I saw him last week in the supermarket when I was there to get some kitty litter. And the guy who lives up the street from me who walks with such purpose that I just want to move out of his way. Each step is precise and he moves his arms with such purpose that I'm afraid to disrupt him with a spoken greeting. I just nod. And then there are the street people that wander around in the early morning, looking for a handout or for some place to stop and sort through the bags of stuff they're accumulated overnight.

I did manage to miss walking into that dead palm frond that's been hanging from the tree in front of Burger King for the past couple of weeks. So far I've run into it twice or maybe it's three times. Whatever. Today I remembered in time to veer out of its way.

I've added some stretching exercises to my morning routine. Nothing serious, just some twisting and bending stuff. And when I get home I do some leg exercises that require me to get down on the floor. Freaks the cat out. He always comes running and meowing like "what are you doing down here?"

I finished the first sleeve of the brown sweater and have continued with the second one. I'm not exactly bored but it sure seems to be taking a long time. Only about 80 rows to go, including the cap shaping. Sticking to one project is hard.


Anonymous said...

Larry, You continue to be my inspiration! I've already added a sweatshirt to my morning walk (starting at 6 am).... I'd prefer my denim jacket, which is lighter, but I can't find it.... It is nice to see the same people every morning - and their dogs!


Mauren Mureaux said...

I've noticed quieter mornings here as well. The birds seem to have all moved along. The front yard, just outside of our window, used to be filled with happy tunes in the mornings...i miss the birds already.

mehitabel said...

Project monogamy is so difficult! I can't do it--but then, as a mom of many, I guess I just have the habit of scattering my love and attention in several different directions! I need to get out and start walking more--now, if I could just get to sleep at a decent hour (instead of 5 am) I could probably get up at 6!