Monday, September 10, 2007


Faithful readers may recall that I said I was going to knit both sleeves of my cabled brown sweater at once. That was supposed to help motivate me to get it done.

I only have two size 8US/5mm circular needles. The Addi turbo is 60 inches long. The other needle is a 29 inch Clover bamboo. I do not like circular bamboo needles and will avoid them at almost any cost. So I started with the Addi. Everything was fine except for all that extra length. It really made switching sides a hassle. So I gave that up and switched to the Clover bamboo. And that was working fairly well.

Yesterday morning I noticed that the stitches being placed on the right hand needle were suddenly moving a lot more easily. I looked down and discovered that the cable had separated from the needle leaving about half a row of unsecured stitches.

Fortunately the wool yarn has a lot of nap so the stitches held really well and I was able to slip them onto a straight needle. So I'm about half way through one sleeve while the other one awaits its turn. So much for my plan. Plus I really prefer working one sleeve at a time even if it does mean making the same thing twice.


Anonymous said...

You STARTED the second sleeve though, technically knocking out the dreaded second sleeve syndrome..
Glad you were able to recover all of the stitches...eeeek!

Monika said...

I've never tried knitting 2 sleeves at once, or anything else for that matter. I can't say I would want to anyway.
I'll cross my fingers that from now on everyting goes smooth for you!

Knitting Geek said...

Thankfully you were able to recover all of your stitchess without to much trouble.

And (as I am sure you know) Addi Turbos have that wonderful lifetime guarrantee.

Anonymous said...

"... the cable had separated from the needle leaving about half a row of unsecured stitches."

Reading that made me ill. You are made of strong stuff.

- Susan

Scattered Gemini said...

Oh my goodness! Sometimes i really think your knitting is against you! LOL! ;D

Bess said...

the concept of knitting 2 at once is inticing, but in my experience (which only counts for me) it's more hassle than it's worth.

I second Greta - you started it -that's enough to break the curse.

sue said...

You are such a fast knitter that I dont think it will matter you knitting them both separately. Luckily you could put the stitches back on easily.