Thursday, September 27, 2007

Knitting some

I did manage to get some knitting time in last night. Not so much that there's cause for alarm or justification for a picture. It's a sock after all and you've already seen the interesting part. But I did knit for a couple of hours. And it was good.

We had fun at the Fair. Except for the heat. And I also forgot where I parked. I think this might be a tradition. I've forgotten every year. So maybe I should just accept it and not try to remember to write the location down.

We started by going to see some farm animals. I almost never do this but the friend who was with me wanted to. I think he might have spent some time on a farm as a child and just wanted to revisit some memories. I spent some time on a farm when I was in high school and it's definitely not a memory I care to revisit.

There were plenty of animals of assorted kinds. The barn was kind of dark so it was hard to get any really good pictures plus the animals moved when you least expected it. But then my camera batteries died. So you're spared the agony of looking at more farm animals.

But you also don't get to see the knitting and crochet exhibit. There were other things in the fiber exhibit but I don't know anything about scrapbooking. Of course there was quilting. Don't know much about that either.

I'm almost always disappointed in the knitting and crochet exhibit. Not that there isn't a lot of really top notch work. It's just that so much of what is on display is kind of boring. Not in a been there, done that sort of way. More in a that's really practical, you'll get a lot of wear out of that sort of way. But then it is a craft show, not an art show. Let's don't get into a discussion about craft versus art.

I do have to hand to the people who put the show together. It's got to be hard to arrange all those entries into an attractive and viewable way. The quilts were mostly really easy to see and they made spectacular backdrops for some of the afghans and sweaters that filled the lower spaces of the display cases.

The main reason I go to the Fair is because my daughter works there. (I get free tickets and parking passes.) She's in charge of one of the exhibits, Education Expo. That's where the local high schools get to show off some of the art work that they're done. I spent quite a bit of time there. This year there was mostly flat art with a bit of wood working thrown in. Most of the art was pretty much what you'd expect high school art to look like, a little stiff and contrived but still upbeat on the whole. Some years there's been a lot more angst.

A lot of walking! I was really happy when it was time to meet up with my daughter so we could all go to lunch in a nice, quiet and cool restaurant. They had margaritas but I was driving. So diet soda it was. I got home and promptly fell asleep in the middle of a game of FreeCell.


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous...we spent the entire day at the fair without seeing the animals. Next year we will start there....

sue said...

The animals are nice to see, especially for the children, although the smell in the heat isnt a great thing. I do think that shows show the items in a boring way. We went to the Bendigo show and everything was in glass cases and made it looks like it was hundreds of years old, when some of it could have been displayed much better.

mehitabel said...

My daughter lives within walking distance of the fairgrounds, so it's easier to park at her house and hike it. It's even closer than some of the outlying parking lots, and it's a green leafy street instead of a dusty mess! I didn't get there this year because of the yard sale.
As a quilter, knitter, etc, I have to agree that the quality of the entries has been influenced by the standards used for judging. I've seen beautifully executed Arans take no ribbon while a futzy scarf gets a blue one! And don't let me start on the quilts! Everyone I know who is a serious quilter/knitter/crocheter won't enter, because they know the judging won't be competent.
Whew, that was strong--but unfortunately, it's true!