Monday, September 24, 2007

Avoidance knitting

I've been busy. And I've had very little time to knit. Or to work on the finishing of the brown cabled sweater. Yeah, that's it. I'm just too busy to sew that thing together. I did get the neckband done though. And besides, I really need to work on these socks. Socks that I started probably last spring.

I actually picked them up again a couple of weeks ago and promptly screwed them up. Used the wrong stitch pattern which I didn't realize until after I had already done the heel and started on the gusset decreases. So that all had to be redone and now I'm back on track. So it doesn't totally look like I'm avoiding the finishing.

In less than twenty four hours I acquired enough yarn for six more pairs of socks. Three were purchased at the knitting night at Unraveled. The other three I got on Friday while I was working at A Stitch in Time. Not that I'm in any danger of running out of sock yarn. We're having a swap night this week so I'll be getting rid of some stash, probably not sock yarn though. And then there's a yarn de-acquisition yard/yarn sale coming up that will give me a chance to replace some of what I've swapped out.

I haven't started anything new though. The Chevron Scarf is growing, slowly. That one is my KIP project. And the Jitterbug socks that I started a few weeks ago are still nearing completion of sock one. And there's a blue cotton lace stole that I haven't said much about here.

I'm working three days this week, going to the LA County Fair one day, and doing some chores (laundry) on another day. So it doesn't look like there's going to be much finishing time this week either.


sue said...

I really like those socks. It sounds as though you need another pair of socks to knit up some of your sock yarns, and I think I need another pair too to reduce my yarn stash as well. I cant wait to see the brown cabled sweater finished too.

Bess said...

"And then there's a yarn de-acquisition yard/yarn sale coming up..."

Man - that is one yard sale I wish I could go to! Please take photos.

Would you believe I'm still struggling with the right stitch pattern for that Cherry Tree Hill yarn? but I think, at last, I've got it.

Hugs to you dear.