Thursday, August 30, 2007

Take what you can

Sometimes it doesn't take much to make me feel good. An email from my doctor this morning telling me she was very happy with my progress on controlling cholesterol and that even though my glucose count was a little high she was generally pleased with the results of all my efforts.

Then while I was taking my morning walk I ran into a casual acquaintance who told me I looked hot. I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about the temperature considering how he commented on how I had lost weight etc. Anyway I'm taking it that way. You take what you can.

I did finish the fir cone shawl last night. It's been practically impossible to get a photo of it.

The color is really washed out but at least you can see the pattern. I still have some serious blocking to do but for now I'll take what I can get.


dragon knitter said...

woohoo, larry! all that walking has paid off!

and i think the fir cone shawl is gorgeous, even if the colors are washed out.

i'm still working on my swan stole. it's going slowly, but i WILL prevail (and before christmas!)

Scattered Gemini said...

Oh, that shawl is really pretty. I might have to make that one! I like the pattern! Gorgeous, as always...and the shawl too. ;)

lexa said...

Glad your efforts have paid off! I noticed yesterday when I was at work how much weight my boss has lost since I've been gone. She'd lost some before I left because they finally figured out she has thyroid problems. She also goes for a nice, long walk every day and watching what she eats.

After seeing both of my skinny-little-runt friends this summer that I haven't seen in five and six years I'm hoping it motivates me to do something. I came home from the grocery store yesterday with a bunch of healthy foods (eating right isn't cheap!). My brother's friend also won a three-month membership to our local gym. He lives 45 minutes away, so he asked if I wanted it. So hopefully next summer when my Alberta friend is home she'll see a "new me"! :)

I love the shawl! I'm anxious to start my first shawl now that I'm home, but I have a few pairs of socks I need to make first.

Sharon said...

You have a doctor that emails you????? Clone that doctor!

mehitabel said...

Kudos on the good report from the doc! That's the way to do it!
And that Fir Cone pattern sure looks a lot like the one I've just finished. I'm going to go blog it now so we can compare!