Thursday, August 02, 2007

The end of Dulaan

Ryan has the backstory on her blog. It's a sad end to a long project that brought together so many knitters and other crafters. I will be talking with others in my knitting group to see what they want to do next. We do already have a few items in our Dulaan box. There are many other equally worthwhile organizations that would be happy to have our output. Still it's a bit depressing to be told you've only been seen as a "promotional tool".

Meanwhile, where is Mrs. Weasley when I need her? I'm sure my MS3 has been taken over by dark arts knitters. Of the four rows I knit last night, a couple of them two times, none have survived. I've even had mistakes on the plain ol' purl rows. Accio Mrs. Weasley!

I'm looking forward to having next week off. Only two more days for me this week and then I'll have lots of time to finish the current MS3 clue and get started on the next one.

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lexa said...

I cleaned up the sidebar on my blog yesterday and wondered if we were doing another year of Dulaan. Sucks how FIRE turned on them, though. There are so many other charities out there, I'm sure we'll all find something to contribute to! I have lots of leftovers for hats and mittens and such.