Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday finish

It's still hot. I'm tired. I'm sleepy. And I have to start getting ready to go to A Stitch in Time. It's been a slow week both for me and the shop. Heat and vacations are taking their toll. Plus the new parking lot hasn't been started yet. They're supposed to do it today. We'll see.

Tomorrow the a/c guy is coming to install my new air conditioner. I'll be really happy when it's over. I inherited a worry gene from my mother. I'm just convinced that something is going to go wrong and things will not happen as planned. My friend Mario, who is an interior designer and accustomed to dealing with craftmen, says not to fret. Everything will work out. Well, of course, it will all work out but how many things will surprise us and cause delays. Not to mention all the dust from cutting a new opening in my living room wall. And what if the guy drops the old air conditioner and it falls and breaks through the window of the unit below me? Or what if my cat gets all freaked out and tries to jump through the new hole while the guy is trying to get the new a/c unpacked and ready to install? Or what if the new a/c is defective and has to be sent back to New Mexico? See? There are plenty of other reasons to worry. I just haven't thought of them yet.

I got the final clue for the MS3. Looks like there's still plenty to do even if it is more of the same. The rows are getting really long, kinda like when you do a ruffle. How much longer will ruffles be the rage?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Larry - lock the cat in the bathroom!


Sue said...

Oh Larry I thought I was a born worrier. I am sure that the installation guys will check that the new unit is able to be installed into the new section. If they drop it on the unit below wont they be liable for the cost of the damage. Just go and knit in your bedroom with the cat whilst they are doing it, and remember there is a solution to almost everything, so dont think the worst. Just think how nice and cool you will be once it is installed and how much knitting you can do too.

Anonymous said...

Just in time for what is supposed to be our hottest weekend yet! I am glad to know that Saturday evening you will be sitting in front of a brand new working a/c!! Pat the cat will be cool and happy once again and quit hanging out in the bathtub. Your hands won't stick to whatever project you are currently knitting. Yippeeee! Sounds like a winner to me!!

mehitabel said...

Ruffles are a royal pain to knit--and for me, not really worth the effort. I am going to be ripping out my MS3 and perhaps will start a new one with a different yarn...then again, I might just decide to go with a different pattern entirely. Have to wait and see how I feel about it when I see the finished products!