Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Knit Kimono

My latest pattern book. When I saw L's copy I knew I had to have it. I have several other books by the same author, Vicki Square, but I think this is the best so far.

There's an interesting overview of the kimono throughout its history. And then there are the patterns themselves. At first the garments look like they'd just be simple straight forward knits (and some of the are) but it's in the finishing that the real excitement occurs. It's in how the garments are assembled and how the edges are treated. I'm not fond of finishing but I think these kimono are worth it.

This is the one I've decided to make first. There's a lot of knitting there but there's enough variety to keep it interesting. (Click on the photo if you want a bigger view.)

My plan was to use this yarn, Plymouth's Fantasy Naturale, which I've had in stash for a year or so. It's the yarn called for in the pattern. How often does that happen that you actually have the yarn? The color was Lisa approved so I was all set. Except what I thought was a bag of ten turned out to be only eight. No where near enough. I'll have to see if Skein has any more. I think I can fudge if the dyelots are different. Or I'll just order another whole bag and be done with it.


Scattered Gemini said...

Oh wow, that's a stunning kimono. I'm already looking forward to seeing how it knits up.

Monika said...

Oh wow, this is a wonderful Kimono! I would love to have that one for myself. But I can't buy another book right now, just can't. Maybe the library will have it soon. So pretty!

Jason said...

Hi Larry. I am contemplating getting this book. Question for you. Any design that's suitable for men? Or can be altered to be worn by men?

Anonymous said...

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Alexis said...

so upset i cant find my copy and i have been in a real knitting mood lately in love with that pattern stitch. i want to make a fabric backed obi(belt/sash)with this pattern... don't suppose you'd be willing to help with that, would you? i would love if you could message me the pattern chart, please and thank you?!