Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday's fare

It's his current favorite place to sleep. On the flap of my knitting bag. When I come home from wherever I have to put the bag on the floor and open out the flap so he can sleep on the smooth inner lining. He'll sometimes stay there for hours. It's a little hard to make out because the flap of the bag is almost exactly the same as the black squares of my tile. And also, I don't have a whole lot to post about today.

I did stop by Unraveled for a few minutes yesterday on my way to knitting night. Almost all the special order Jitterbug had come in. I say almost because my color and one other person's were on back order. The ones that did come in were so different from the shop samples that it was hard to believe they were the same color and not just a dye lot difference. I can hardly wait to see what color I actually get.

I was really swamped yesterday afternoon. A lot of the people who usually come on Friday came on Thursday. It made for some fun times. But I don't know how busy I'll be today.

I got Clue #5 of the MS3. How cryptic is that? Anyway, I like the direction the stole is taking. My color choice doesn't work well with the theme of the stole, Swan Lake, but it's okay with the design.


Bess said...

Patrick is my favorite blogkitty. I love it when you post pictures of him. I just love how he has such a mind of his own and I especially love it that he found a home with you. Just one of those good things out there in the world that makes me glad. Thank you.

lexa said...

Cats are so funny, aren't they? My female has taken to laying in a strange place. I thought it was a one-off, but she keeps going back to it. My poor cats will think they've been abandoned. I've never been away for more than three days or so. I'll be gone for about three weeks! Their Nanny (my mother) lives up around the corner from me, so she'll stop in every day to make sure they've got food/water/clean bathroom. Plus she's said she'll stop in a few evenings a week to spend some time with them.

Anonymous said...

Our cat Peaches loves to sleep on the kids' backpacks (which are frequently on the floor, somehow)... They're lumpy and bumpy and look uncomfortable(the backpacks, that is), so go figure. ...