Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A couple of WIPs

I've tried at least six times to get an accurate image of this yarn, Colinette Jitterbug Fire. So far this is the best although the yarn isn't quite this magenta. But it's about as close as any I've taken.

I got this yarn when we went to Purl Soho last week. So I've started a sock using the pattern that's printed on the label. Supposedly one skien will make a pair of socks but I'm more than a little skeptical. I'd hate to buy another skein just to finish the toes on the second sock. And, as you can see. the color is really different from the skein. Anyway you get the idea.

I'm about two weeks behind on the Mystery Stole 3. After what seems like a short forever I have finished clue number four. And I've started the first of two wings. This clue will go much faster as it involves lots of short rows.

Here's where I am now. Sorry but I don't seem to have a space that's big enough, or clean enough, to show you the whole thing. Still wondering how I'm going to block this.

Going back to work yesterday was pleasant enough although it was very slow. And the parking lot replacement didn't happen. So the store closing was for naught. They're supposed to start this Wednesday instead but we won't be closing. Still, it was nice to have a week off. I only have two more weeks to work those extra half days. I'm looking forward to being done with that.


Scattered Gemini said...

I've only blocked on my bed. I have to block it early in the morning and hope it's dry by bedtime. ;)

Jason said...

Wow! Mystery Stole 3 is looking AMAZING!

I purchased some interlocking foam tiles for blocking lace. You can take them apart easily when not in use. I got them from:


I was too lazy to check out the local stores.

Bess said...

There's enough jitterbug in the skein. I had heaps left over though I did use a lace pattern.

Giggling at the thought of blocking on my bed, because I wet block. My bed would never be dry by night! Beach towels on the floor, of course, and you and Patrick taking a long drive in the country. :D But I love the idea of the blocking tiles - off to check 'em out.

You have the nicest friends!

Monika said...

Your MS3 is looking good so far.