Thursday, June 07, 2007

You pick

I finished a sock and what's her name got out of jail early. Which is the bigger surprise?

As you can see I've cast on for the second sock. No bad luck for me. I decided to use a round toe this time. I'll have to wait to see if Lisa likes the fit before I use it on another pair.


Mauren Mureaux said...

The bigger surprise is the sock being finished.

Not to downplay your knitting skills by any means, but i knew that little, whiney, candy-ass, couldn't take the heat of her crimes! Give me a freakin' break! Event poor, dear, Martha was able to handle her time.

mary said...

Too funny! Whathername is the bigger surprise. You finishing a sock? No problem.

Anonymous said...

Look like what's her name will be going back. (Do you think I could get out of jail by saying it was causing me stress???)

But the sock is lovely!

lexa said...

Yes, she got out early (surprise, surprise!), but I heard she's going back. Good on her!

dragon knitter said...

is that the opal ladybug?

and paris is not surprising. what did surprise me a little was the hissy fit she threw when they tossed her back in!