Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer's kinda here

Summer arrived a few days early this year. It has been in the mid-90s for the past few days. Not pleasant. However, today looks to be cooler, only around 80. I'll be inside for most of the day, sitting in the usually over-active air conditioning. Must remember to take a jacket, just in case.

I did quite a bit of knitting on Saturday and Sunday but I'm not ready to post pictures. I'm making another shawl. Actually I've resumed one that I started last year. I made a lot of progress but it's lace snd the yarn is fairly stiff so the going is slow. It's not something I can safely knit in public so I'll be working on it at home. I'm going to need better light that we have right now before I can get a decent picture.

Have you signed up for the Mystery Shawl knit-a-long? I'm still debating. I think I have enough projects going, and I know I get a lot of distractions, so probably I won't be officially signing on. But I am curious to see what it's all about. Maybe someone will at least show me the pattern parts as they come along.

I'm really enjoying the new radio/CD player that Lisa gave me for Father's Day. My old radio was really getting bad about holding the station. But it served me well for about fifteen years. I'm not particularly sentimental about electronic things so I won't have a problem discarding the old radio. Maybe I should do the same thing with most of the clothes in my closets. Not the yarn though. Never the yarn!

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thom caldwell said...

great picture!