Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hot Father's Day presents

Here they are. All lined up on my balcony. These are going to make for some hot salads and side dishes. Three different pepper plants that Lisa got for me for Father's Day. Her friend helped her nourish them from infancy to the full grown state you see them in today.

Purple jalapeno. I've never seen this one. The text just said "longer and milder than Ancho 101". I don't know what an Ancho 101 is.

These I know. Santa Fe Grande. "Hybrid pepperoncini, classic fruit size that is jarred commercially". I'll be trying these today.

Topepo Rosso. "Small Italian pepper that is round and bright red (when it's ripe). Eat fresh, roasted or pickled". These have a ways to go.

I'll be back tomorrow with maybe some knitting content.


Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous Father's Day present - they're lovely. I put some peppers in my garden yesterday - but nothing this lush looking.

What a good daughter!


dragon knitter said...

my peppers are just now starting to bloom (the ones the rabbits haven'tt ried to snack on! my habaneros are suffering this year). and those santa fe grandes? they look like a pepper a cousin brought to a family reunion a few years back. they made my chile head son cry. (this is the child who would steal the tabasco bottle from the fridge as a baby)

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea for a present, Larry. The pepper doesn't fall far from the tree. LOL LOL My sister gave my Dad tomato plants for Father's Day. Take care.