Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Winding down

and winding up. Our Dulaan group only has one more meeting before we get everything sorted and packaged for shipping. We've been pretty good recently about finishing things and Mendy thinks we're a lot closer to our goal than I thought we were. I still have two hats to finish but that shouldn't be a problem.

No photo yet but I have turned the heel and am starting the foot of the sock. I'll be going to meet friends in a little while and will take the sock along.

I stopped by Skein yesterday. Hadn't been there in quite a while. Their instructor was out with allergies so I helped a couple of people while I was there and had lunch. I went back today to pick up the skein of sock yarn I saw yesterday but didn't buy. And a couple of other things.


Anonymous said...

I need to stop by and say hi to Ann Mary ... I'm feeling bad that I haven't been in for so long.


lexa said...

I have one last pair of child socks on the needles for Dulaan. I'm going to try my hardest to get them done Friday so I can mail the package on my way to work Friday night. I'm going to have to send it air mail so it gets there in time. Nova Scotia to Arizona is too far to rely on surface mail by July 1!

dragon knitter said...

i'm frantically trying to finish up a scarf, and child's sweater and hat. i need to get them washed this week. ack!

dragon knitter said...

oh, and another sock. double ack!