Thursday, June 14, 2007

The end is near!

No! Not that end. The end of my Clapotis. I almost finished last night but my brother called and we talked for over an hour. By then I was ready to fall asleep. I only slept about three hours the night before due to being out late and the cat getting me up even earlier than usual. Anyway, I should finish today. I'll take some photos on Saturday when Lisa is here. (We're observing Father's Day one day early to avoid the crowds.)

This morning was a fast. I had to go back to Kaiser so they could sample my blood again. This time it's to check on my cholesterol and diabetes. I also picked up a new, stronger cholesterol fighting drug. I'm also trying to get through to the cardiology department to make an appointment with a specialist. The nuclear perfusion stress test showed that there was no blockage in my heart but since I've had a couple of angina events my doctor wants me to see a cardiologist to see if I need some more meds or if I'll need an angioplasty. Or maybe nothing. Perhaps that's TMI.

So, now that Clapotis is almost done, I'm thinking about the next big project. I have a shawl already started from some time early this year, or maybe late last year, that I think I'll go back to. And there's the new Knitty to choose something from. I have several colors of Schaeffer Anne that I could use for those socks. So that will probably end up on the needles soon. After I finish the two pair I started over the weekend.


Mauren Mureaux said...

Best wishes with the medical stuff. Better to see the cardiologist and just make sure of what's going on.

mary said...

With clapotis done, that means you can gear up for another big project, like a lace stole, right? wink wink And because of you, I have briefly entertained the idea of tossing all of my summer goals out the window to break out my Brooks Farm Solana superwash and cast on for a clapotis. But, I have self control... for now.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the health stuff.

Have you finished the shawl with the ruffle? What color did you end up using for it?


Monika said...

Hope all goes well with the medical stuff. My husband went to the cardiologist yesterday, and for 48 hours he's carrying around something on his chest to record his heartbeat. It's irregular, whatever that means. I better go and read something about it on the internet.

Fay Lynn said...

Are your hands tired yet?? What is next? We are going to be closed only tuesday and wednesday next week so maybe I will see you thursday.

Good luck with Kaiser!