Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A little bit of knitting content

I did promise to have some knitting content today so here it is. This is my current Zigzag scarf. I've been working on it since I bought the yarn back in March at the big Black Skeep Knittery sale, phase one. I've mostly worked on it while I'm at A Stitch in Time but it's taking too long so I'm finishing it up at home.

And I have some socks going. These are Regia Silk. Nice to work with. I got the yarn at Unwind last year sometime, or maybe it was the year before. Anyway, I worked on this sock after lunch yesterday sitting on the patio of Heirloom Bakery where L (of L&H fame) and I went after we went to see the new Abuelita's in South Pasadena.

The new Abuelita's location is easier to find and more accessible. They seem to have more space to move around. All the knitting yarns are on one wall so it looks more impressive than in the former shop. There were some nice samples to admire. We'll probably go back sometime soon. I bought an addi Natura while I was there. I hope it will help with my other big project.

I'm working on a lace shawl. I've tried to get a photo but it's just not happening. I'll keep trying.


mary said...

If Abuelita's is worth going back for a second visit, then I'll have to go again some time soon. I haven't been after they have moved. I'm still hoping to come by your store when you're there... maybe Friday?

Scattered Gemini said...

The sock colors are so refreshing. What's the pattern you are using? I like that!

Monika said...

I'm loving the colors of your chevron scar, the Regia Silk socks looks very nice as well.