Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No progress Tuesday

Actually it was no progress Monday. I wasn't swamped yesterday but there was a steady stream of people taking classes or getting help. Just enough to keep me from working on my own project. And last night I spent most of the time doing some chores, brushing the cat and getting caught up on some emails. Ergo. Little progress.

Today should be better. I'm going to Costco this morning and then to lunch. I'll be stopping at Unraveled this afternoon since I'll already be over in that area. So I'll be able to work on my Kureyon red shawl, or something.

The June sale at A Stitch in Time is almost over. Saturday will be the last day. There's still some good stuff to be had. Prism yarn at 50% off, for example. Cascade 220 at 30% off. Anyway, just a reminder.