Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Disappearing breeds, or I'd better get this yarn while I can

Just in case there's never any more wool, maybe sheep will suddenly disappear, I thought I'd better add a few more things to my stash. I got two bags of this new Noro Silk Garden (#267). I think it's the most monochromatic Silk Garden I have ever seen. Unless there's a stray color buried deep inside. I checked a couple but didn't see anything but brown tones. I'm pretty sure what I'm going to do with it but I'd better mull it for a while. This is the yarn I got at Hissy Knits last Sunday.

Here's a breed I'd never seen before: Lisa Souza Sock Yarn. I've heard of it for years but never seen it. Got this yesterday at the Unraveled sock yarn sale. I also notice that I'm moving away from the oranges and limes a bit. This is the second or third time that I've picked something up in the blue, green, turquoise family. Although there's still some rusty orange in there. This yarn is 100% superfine merino and really, really soft. I hope not too soft to hold up in socks.

And here's some of my all time favorite (this week anyway) Jitterbug from Colinette. This colorway is raspberry even though neither the photo nor the yarn is particularly raspberry. Sometimes it is though. I also order two hanks in Mardi Gras. I went ahead and ordered it so I could get it at the sale price.

Last night was our last official Dulaan knitting night. We're not shipping stuff until the end of next week so I'll be able to finish the hat I started last night and we'll collect a few items from other group members. I haven't heard or seen any mention of the Dulaan project continuing next year but if it doesn't we'll still get together and knit for other charities.


Scattered Gemini said...

Uh huh. So about once every two weeks you tell us how you're not going to buy any more yarn and then all of a sudden...Whooops!

What, like it attacks you, holds you at needle point and makes you take it home?

ROFL! ;D said...

I love your yarns. I especially like the pink tones.

Isnt it amazing how we collect more yarn than we know what to knit out of it?

Heres to happy knitting and no dropped stitches!

mary said...

Fine, fine sock yarn, and all the better that it's in your stash and not mine. :)

lexa said...

I love your new yarns! I haven't tried Jitterbug yet. The Sweet Sheep carries it now. I have a skein of it on my wish list for the next order. I've read great views about it.

Bron said...

Sock yarn comes in so many luscious colors...almost makes me want to knit socks. ::wink::

I read your comment over at Sharon's...don't EVER say you're done!