Monday, March 12, 2007

Summer! So soon?

I'm not ready. Yesterday, according to my weather page, the high in Pasadena was 97F. It's not even the middle of March yet! I've already made arrangements to have the freon in my ancient a/c replenished. The guy that was here this weekend to replace my hot water heater said that so long as the a/c is still working that it probably only needs a resupply. I sure hope he's right. The hot water heater replacement turned out to be a lot more difficult, and expensive, than the original projection. But if we're going to have the kind of summer weather that's been predicted I'm going to need that a/c.

I took a couple of pictures this morning while I was out walking. It was still pretty early, just barely getting light.

The sky was not quite as blue as it appears in the pictures. There were no spectacular cloud formations. Just my favorite palm trees.

And these irises. Another of my favorites. I used to walk by these several times a week but I haven't been on that street for a while. There's usually a lot of trash caught in all the leaves but this morning I didn't see any. I don't think these are volunteer but they're usually pretty neglected.

Oh! You want knitting news? I worked on some socks while I waited for the hot water heater guy. And sorted a bit of yarn.

The real news is that Mendy has decided to discontinue our Thursday night knitting group. "Our" isn't the correct pronoun. It's really "her" knitting group. She started it, what, four years ago? She's also the host for our Tuesday night Dulaan group. She stated in her email that she was just taking a break and will resume sometime. For now we'll only be meeting on Tuesday. The Thursday group has experienced a lot of negative growth recently. Last week there were only three of us, including Mendy. It was a bit of a surprise but I can certainly understand. I haven't spoken with her since she sent the email as she was away for the weekend. I'll be calling her later this morning.


GaiaGal said...

Sorry to hear that your one meeting is being phased out, that's a bummer. Were you really wishing for more people so the group would expand rather than putting it on hiatus? Or does it not really matter to you? Could someone else volunteer to host the group?

The group i tried to start over a year ago was a miserable flop until Lion Brand set up a "Club Finder" on their website. I listed the group there and we've gained several new members and have finally started meeting in person. Whew! It's been so much fun.

katherine said...

That first photo is glorious -- thanks so much for sharing, I miss living in a place with palm trees.

I love irises -- my plan for my garden is, at some point, to order them in as many colours as I can and just fill the yard with them. Of course the problem with that is what happens the rest of the summer, but it sure would make a nice spring!

mehitabel said...

It's hard when a group withers away like that--even worse when there's a problem that causes it to crack open at the seams. And this heat? Coupled with the misery of daylight "saving" time? Not fun. I'm hopeful that we'll have a change and at least get SOME rain to rescue the plants--if we have to go on drought restriction, I worry for my yard. But I do have lots of yarn, so maybe I'll have to knit me some grass and posies, huh?