Thursday, March 08, 2007

I forgot

I had the day off yesterday. No plans. Nothing in particular to do. Somehow I forgot to blog. Not that that's a big deal, except it's a strange feeling to realize that you totally forgot something that's a part of your routine.

Speaking for things forgot. While I was wandering around looking for something with which to entertain myself, I found this scarf that I had forgotten. I meant to use it as a holiday gift but when I was looking for it last December I couldn't find it. Seems I forgot where I put it. I'm almost done.

Not a forgotten but a belated birthday present. Have you seen or tried this yarn? Tofutsies from Southwest Trading Company. It's wool, soy silk, cotton and chitin. I'm told that chitin is ground up shrimp and crab shell. And that it has some therapeutic value but I don't know what the therapy is. I'm looking forward to making some socks for me. There's 425 meters in this one skein. Should be enough. Thanks L&H.


Anonymous said...

Wonder what Tofutsies smells like when wet?

- Susan

Anonymous said...

A non-kosher scarf - how often do you run across one of those!


dragon knitter said...

i'm told that because of its makeup, it's actually antibacterial. and non-allergenic, although i don't know how that would work for someone who's allergic to shrimp? i do know someone who's worked with it, and it tends to be a bit splitty, and acts alot like silk or cotton, with little give. it's nice and shiny, though!

as for forgetting, i do that all the time. i knew i had to take my mom to the tax preparer today (he does my taxes, too) and i almost forgot to grab my stuff before i left!

of all the things i've lost in my life, i think i miss my mind the most.

Monika said...

I've got one ball in pink, have started to knit a sock, ripped three times, every time knitting a different stitch pattern, nothing was right. It splits easily, but the knitted fabric was cool and soft to the touch, I liked it. Still, don't know when I will get back to this yarn. Will not buy more of it any time soon. But I saw a beautiful pattern for this yarn. At some places it comes with this pattern when you buy Tofutsies. I'm sure you'll find the right stitch pattern for you! ;o)

GaiaGal said...

I'd never have thought to put those colors together, i'm so surprised. I really, really like the combination. Cool!

Oh, let us know how the Tofutsies works up, smells and wears. LOL!


mehitabel said...

I saw it at Stitches (didn't give it the sniff test, though!) but since I don't knit socks, I didn't get any. I've still got my Sea Silk to wind and knit with! Isn't it fun how there are so many new substances being spun into yarn?