Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Finish what you start!

I'm still working away on the Spanish Dancer shawl. I'm about 20% of the way based on how much yarn I've used. This is not the shawl. It's another zigzag scarf that I finished yesterday. Three skeins of Kureyon and the zigzag pattern from the back of section of Scarf Style.

Generally I don't work on projects at work that use yarn that the shop doesn't carry. A Stitch in Time doesn't carry Koigu but it does have Noro Kureyon, just not this colorway. So I've been using the Zigzag Scarf as my at work project. I'll have to find something else now.

We're having our Dulaan knitting tonight at Th's house. (Mendy has been in Charleston and Savannah for the past week and is returning today. I'm going to LAX in a couple of hours to get her and Robert. We figured she'd been too worn out to host tonight. Robert just called and their flight is on time so I'd better get started getting ready.) Anyway, I need to choose something to work on this evening. Probably another hat.


Monika said...

This scarf turned out great! I love the colores. I made the same scarf but with two different colors of Artyarns yarn a year ago.

lexa said...

The scarf is beautiful! I am the same way with work -- I normally only use yarn we carry and/or store projects when I'm working. I usually only knit on Friday nights and Saturdays. Where we are more than just a yarn shop the bosses sorta frown on it. (It's rare that they are around on the weekends.)

Joan said...

Hi Larry,
Love the scarf, it is truly beautiful. I have to make one.

I have been meaning to invite you to our SnB get together at Zephyr (info is on SnB LA site). We'd love to have you knit with us. Maybe today? (Wednesday)

Nik said...

The colors in this scarf are beautiful. Wow. I have never knit with NORO and really need to get my hands on some.

sue said...

The scarf is so pretty, and the colors are gorgeous. It must be nice being able to work in a yarn shop and knit in your spare time. I dont think I could do that though, otherwise I would have no pay check at the end of the week, it would be all spent on yarn.